In the beginning…


If you have found this site blog please contact me immediately – you will be my first (possibly last) visitor and even if it’s accidental I would like to thank you personally…because you are possibly proof miracles and sympathy site visits do happen.

This entire blog started from being told I was hilarious – not just funny … funny people stay on Facebook – I am apparently hilarious… first lesson of this fun filled page – do not build up the mildly talented – they will take your confidence in them and create multimillion dollar blogs … don’t look at me like that … it could happen.

My boyfriend has told me there are free blog sites … I was half way through purchasing this site when he told me – it’s like he hasn’t even met me… I will put a lot of money into something before I know it’s going to work because in this moment there is nothing I want more – tomorrow morning I’m likely to want something else way more – like a sewing machine/new uni course/a penis … but right now I’m more then happy with whatever it costs…multimillion dollar blog is looking less likely by the second.

Just for the record, I’m extremely excited about the chance to tell who ever stumbles across this page in a late night internet trawl after accidentally clicking on my link on one of their porn pages (yeah I’ll pay for that advertising space – and suddenly the multimillion dollar blog idea is back) about my hilarious life.


4 thoughts on “In the beginning…

  1. Aaannndddd so far, its only your friends that have read this…. Who you forced to… Don’t worry, it’s just the first day. PERSEVERE and you will slowly earn your millions!

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